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  We value the talents
We value the talents

Primo Communications is looking to fill the vacancies in some positions, such as 1 System Administrator, 1 Key Account Executive, 1 shop assistant, 1 telephonic support representative for Durrës. Everyone interested is pleased to send his/her CV in the following e-mail: jobs@primo.al.

For the Key Account Executive position the following criteria are requried:

1. The candidate must have sales experience/public relations
2. The candidate must have excelent knowledge of the English language
3. The candidate must have excelent knwoledge of MS Office & Windows applications
4. The candidate must have excelent communications skills
5. The candidate must have University Degree (Faclulty of Economich, branch Managing)
6. The candidate must live in the same city where he/she works (Tirana)



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