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Service Advantages

Primo Phone offers real time information about your calls and the remaining credit. You have the possibility to register your number to our server, which means that all your calls would be registered and you could check them at any time. You will be provided with a user name and a password and you will check via internet all your calls.

Some of the reasons to get Primo Phone are: 
• Low cost phone calls
• Free and no limits calls within your net offered by Primo
• 0 lek for registration an setup
• Only 4 euro for monthly subscription
• Quality service offered by the latest technology
• With only 64 Mbps bandwidth needed, it does not affect internet speed.
• You could also use a mobile phone with wireless option, with the same tariffs.
• The quality of the service is not affected by geographical location.
• You could credit your number at any time.

With VoIP service, you could also create an internal net, in which you could talk with no limits and cost.
1. The net contains different numbers, given by Primo, and there are no limits of time and money for conversations between the numbers.
2. The devices required for VoIP service are analog telephones, Wi-Fi devices, IP Phone, VoIP Phone and ADSL modems with integrated VoIP ports.
3. For all calls outside your net, you must have a minimum of 1 000 lek.
4.  You could also install two VoIP numbers in the same net and we create a third number which redirect all calls to your two numbers. So if the first phone line is busy the call goes automatically to the other number.
5. If you want to have two VoIP phones with the same number, you can answer only from one device at a time.
What do you need to have a VoIP number?
- An internet line ready for use 
- An Ip -Phone/ or an analog telephone with VoIP adapter /or a VOIP Modem with LAN ports and e telephone port/or a mobile phone with wireless GPRS /or directly from your PC with X-Light.
- To be registered to our server.
- To credit your number every time is needed.

Which are some of the characteristics of the VoIP number?
- It has a username and a password, which allows you to make calls and even register them.  It works as a common e-mail address.
- Every phone call made by the VoIP number is saved in a server and you could easily check  them at any time.
- This service offers the Voicemail option too. If you cannot reply at the moment, it means the you will get e message. You will be able to listen to it by simply *97.  You also can decide for the duration of this message and this helps you when the other caller forget his phone open, because it will block your line only for the time you have decided.
- The VoIP call requires only 64 Mbps bandwidth.

What should one do to make VoIP calls?
1. You must have e minimum of 1 000 Lek
2. You must type 9# or 9 and dial button.
3. Then you type the number you wish to call. For calls outside our network you must type the prefix of the country you are calling. This is valid even for calls in Albania.
4. Before connecting your call you are informed about the minutes you have to talk.


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