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Tel:+ 355 4 44 00123
Mob:067 40 40 114

The proper care that allows your business to flourish!

In the world of business, everyone is looking for the best, in order to offer the best! That's why the tailored made packages of Primo for Small & Medium Enterprises are the right choise for your business.

Primo has composed with the proper care two packages that will help you grow up and develope, reaching the top of your possibilites.

By exploiting the possibilities of fiber optic internet service, Primo can offer you even fix telephony with super low tariffs, giving you the opportunity to have preferencial tariffs for 2 international destinations as per your choise.

You will also be able to have a domain name of your company, that will make the difference for you in your electronical communications.

Further more, every your demand will be considered by a dedicated Customer Care Office for business clients.

Do not hesitate, your business will make the difference!


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