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Which is the best offer?
With broadband connections you save time downloading pictures, music and videos very much faster than with dial-up. You could talk to the phone even when navigating on the internet. Our offers are convenient for every user of the internet and whenever is needed we can help you choose the right offer.

What is it possible to do with 256 kbps, 512 kbps, 1Mbps speed?
All the three levels of speed are appropriate for every function, as viewing your e-mail and downloading documents, navigation on different web pages, listening music, or movie downloading. The main difference is the time it will require to do everything. And obviously the most recommended is the faster alternative, 1 Mbps.

Which is the best alternative to download music and movies from the net?
The best alternative for these options is always the faster package, 1 Mbps. This speed allows you to download everything you need. If you choose a slower speed, it will take more time to accomplish your purpose. 

Which is the best alternative to be part of the different social networks?
All the three alternatives are usable, but to be most appropriate and convenient is the 512 Kbps alternative, which allows you to visit even the web pages like “YouTube” and “Facebook”.

Which is the best alternative to view only your e-mail address?
If you use the internet only for viewing your e-mail address, you do not need more then 256 Kbps speed. Or you could even use our offer with 1 Giga capacity for only 8 Euros per month.

Which is the best alternative for businesses?
For offices with one computer connected it is more appropriate is 512 Kbps.
But if there are two ore more computers connected, the best alternative is 1 Mbps. If you have, for instance, four computers connected together with 1 Mbps speed, every one of them will work with 256 Kbps. Another reason is that very often businesses need to download hi capacity documents or photos, which require higher speed, like 1 Mbps.


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