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A successful company, Primo is self-aware and able to exploit its own strength, surrounding itself with right people to develop the business and inspiring employer at all levels to reach greater achievements.

Primo is the first Telecommunications Service Provider that offers a complete portfolio of services to a range business customers like Banks (13 banks being existing clients), Insurance Companies, Government and other companies with a high demand of services in ICT. The successful implementation of these services is based on the high technical investments Primo made to support Managed Services.

The investment which has reached approximately 1milion Euro, has enlarged the range of data management services with clear benefits to Primo clients - business category, which are looking for financial and technical solutions such as:

1. Cost reduction
2. Eases adoption of new business processes
3. Increase in levels of support and network availability
4. Stabilizes the IT budget
5. Access to the latest technology


Our partners are the main focus for us, and a good source of inspiration which keeps challenging us in elevating to the next level, being flexible, offering a solution to cost reduction, automation and scalability.


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