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About Primo

Primo Communications is created by the merging, union and continuous collaboration of four of the leader companies on telecommunications field.

This process began with the acquisition of Albania Online Service Provider in 2007. This is a company that operates since 1998 in the telecommunications filed and that was the first step in a series of transactions and successive purchases.

In March 2008, Primo also bought all the stock quotes of the commercial company Albanian Fiber Backbone, first private company and leader in the data transferring field, building and using its own net with optic fiber. This company was created in 2001 and has operated regularly in the Albanian market of telecommunications. 

After that, Primo bought 100% of the stocks quotes of H-Communications, which operates basically in fix telephony service and internet. H-Communications was registered in 2000 and at that time was known as Hermes. All the three companies above mentioned were unified into a unique company in 2009.

Apart of the unifications process is Bindi Integrated Services, which is controlled from Primo 100%, registered in 2004. BIS operates in the transferring data for big clients in all the territory of Albania.


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