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How to get Primo Internet
The Service
Discover the difference between our tariff plans and the high speed they offer. And don’t forget that our service is a result of the merging of the most successful companies in the market, which will provide an even better service.
  Plans & Tariffs
Our fiber optic net grows bigger every day in the most populated areas of the main cities of Albania. Give us your address to find out if your area is covered.
  Find out about your zone!
Choose one of our plans in order to have the right combination between the speed and the budget in your disposal. We will assist you in every step of this process, in order for you to choose the right plan for your needs.
  Make the right choice!
Our specialized technicians will make sure that the setup is completed and will not leave before you can navigate in your PC. Learn more for the setup process, everything included and other useful information.
  Learn more! 
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